This HS Lock-In (FREE) is designed to encourage students to go deeper in their relationship with Jesus and with others. 


We are encouraging (not forcing) students to fast for this lock-in, starting at 8am the day of. There will be all sorts of fun and times to connect with each other in addition to our moments of drawing closer to Jesus
Juice and water will be available throughout as well as snacks for those who will need to eat.

Note: Students who take medication or are required to eat for medical reasons will (of course) be permitted to do so.
There is a designated time for sleeping at this lock-in. Students will be permitted and encouraged to sleep who have commitments the next day.
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Insomnia Lock-In Schedule
8:00PM –  Doors Open  
8:30PM –  Opening & Welcome  
8:45PM –  Crowd Breaker  
9:00PM – The What & Why of Fasting  
9:15PM – Worship Service and Message  
11:00PM –  Hang Time 
12:00AM –  Small Groups (discussion time)  
1:00AM –  Games  
2:00AM –  Prayer Experience  
3:00AM –  Nappy Time/Hang Time (blankets & pillows ARE permitted)
7:ooAM –  Communion/Breakfast 
8:00AM –  Student Pick-up  
*NOTE:  Students will be provided with a mixture of juices and water throughout this experience. Any students needing to eat for medical and health reasons will be permitted to do so.