Summer Camp
Location and dates change due to COVID-19 – Ridgecrest Conference Center in Ridgecrest, NC.
Here is the link for the website:
New Dates: July 3-7
Camp is a powerful and focused time for our students. They will experience an environment of focused prayer, ministry, worship, fellowship, and fun like no other time. Year after year our children’s lives are transformed, and
they come back with a new vision and passion for Jesus and His mission.  Scholarships are available, and this investment truly has no price tag. Our kids eternal lives are at stake!   
This Camp is designed to help students renew their faith and love in Christ. God bless you for encouraging your child in his (her) faith. The basic format for the retreat is a time for your child to look at their relationship with others, to look at God, and their response to Him, especially through the person of Jesus Christ. A team of trained adults and young adults will facilitate this summer camp experience.

How will we get there and When will we Leave and Return?

We will be traveling by vans are asking students to be at the church by 7:00 am, so we can pack the trailer and leave in a timely manner.  
We will be Returning to the church on Friday around 5:30 pm.
What will we do? This years theme is “Restored”. Everyday we will be uplifted and challenged through worship services, interactive teaching, fellowship, team games, food (my personal favorite), and ample free time to enjoy the camp facilities.  

What do we bring?

Important: Please only one medium bag or smaller for clothes and one bag for bedding. No storage chests please. Tip: I usually bring one big bag that contains my clothes and bedding. Students will only need a change of clothes for 3 days. Monday and Friday are traveling days. 

We will be staying in dorm rooms with beds and bathrooms. Students must bring bedding (twin sheets) and pillows, towels, sun protection, a water bottle, bathing suits (appropriate), spending money for snacks, closed toe and closed heel shoes for activities, toiletries – soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc…, Bible, and pen/pencil. Students are not permitted to have electronics while at camp (mp3 players, iPods, cell phones, etc…).  We will allow them on the buses. Any electronics discovered after this time will be put in holding (by me or other leadership) and returned when the Camp is over. Students are  allowed and encouraged to contact family at permitted times and all leader cell numbers are available for emergencies.


Students are also encouraged to bring their own snacks and drinks. We will be providing enough bottled water for everyone throughout the week.  

*Swimming is available, so please make sure your child has the proper swimwear and towels if they desire to participate.

Do we need money?

Yes. Students will need money for dinner on the way to camp and Back to Morgantown (we will be stopping at fast food restaurants). There are plenty of places to grab snacks and drinks on site and students will be able to purchase snacks and drinks throughout their stay.  
*There is also plenty of souvenirs and clothing for sale by FUGE throughout the week.
Registration & Medical
Release Form
*ImportantThis REALEASE FORM needs to be notarized and a copy of insurance card attached
returned to church office by Friday, May 29 with remaining cost.
Pay remaining cost here when applicable Here…

This packet provides parents with much of  the necessary information about what your child/children will need, what they will experience and more!
A Day at FUGE
What is Required?
In order for your student/s to attend, he/she must:
  1. Completed online EDGE registration & Deposit (online payments available and encouraged). Link to be provided soon.
  2. Completed online registration above and FUGE Release Form filled out and handed in  to Kingdom Office (provided link here & above): Click here to view/print release form.)
  3.  Remainder of cost ($125 – per student if paid deposit already) paid online or in the form of check/money (made to “Kingdom EMC” with Summer Camp and Student Name/s in memo) by Early Registration Deadline – Sunday, January 27.
ImportantThe FUGE RELEASE FORMS require NOTARIZATION and PROOF OF INSURANCE attached. *Our church secretary is a notary, if you need to utilize her services. Please bring registration to Kingdom on Friday, June 7 with remaining amount of cost if it hasn’t been paid already.
Early Registration cost is currently $175.00 per person which includes food and lodging.  Only a minimum of $50 is required by January 27, and the remainder of the cost is due on Friday, May 29 with Fuge Release Form (notarized and with copy proof of insurance).
What if we canʼt afford to go?
It is our desire that no child be left behind, so we have created a scholarship fund. If you are in need of financial assistance, please contact me.  Finances Will Never be a reason for our youth to not attend a retreat or any other function with the purpose of affecting their lives for eternity.  
If you have any concerns or questions, my contact information is below.
Looking Forward,
Pastor James Sabin 
The EDGE, Kingdom A Community Church
(304) 319-1457